It’s Monday Again!!

So after twenty years of continuous employment, I find myself sitting here on a Monday morning with no job to go to. At the end of last year I was made redundant, it came out of the blue and basically kicked me right in the nuts.  Needles to say the last few months haven’t been particularly great I have gone through many emotions, anger, bitterness, resentment,  and the evil enemy that is depression.

I even found myself resenting my former colleagues as they got to carry on with their lives and I at the time I thought that I didn’t. Time has passed and my view has changed and the most important thing I’ve learnt is do not stop getting up in the morning, no matter how bad or miserable you feel, for god sake don’t stop getting up in the morning. I have some how learnt to kerb the fear that hung over me at the beginning, the fear of letting everyone down and losing our new home, (Oh I forgot to mention we had just bought a new house the month before with a bigger mortgage).  As you can imagine the pressure cooker was on full whack and about to blow!

But now I am stronger, more positive, and generally ready for what ever comes next. I think the only way I have achieved this is by putting all those negative thoughts about what might happen away in the back of my mind and focusing on what is happening right in front of me right now. Don’t get me wrong I still have those moments in the morning when I really struggle to put things into perspective but some how I manage to over come the darkness and get on with my day.

This may not of been the most exciting blog ever but it’s my first! Hopefully I’ll continue and improve as I go!

Thanks for reading!